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Developed to exploit the inherent properties of cork, a wonderful but underutilized natural material, Trifold capitalizes on cork’s cellular structure to provide compressive strength.  TriFold's tessellated surface and textile disperse tension across the surface of the engineered material. 

Cork’s inherent insulating properties make TriFold wall coverings ideal for applications where sound absorption is necessary. The material offers simple and adaptive design solutions for both audio and thermal insulation. Benefits include: eliminates echoes/sound inflections, provides ambient noise reduction, thermal insulation, easy installation and transport, suitable for curved surfaces, lightweight, stain and moisture resistant, no grid/frame requirements, aesthetic appeal, various pattern and colour options

Design A

11" x 11"

Design B

11" x 11"

Design C

11" x 11"

Please contact for pricing and purchasing information. 

4-6 weeks standard lead time

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